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Welcome to My World of Art...

Tanya Paez | Digital Artist | PaezArtDesign

My name is Tanya Paez, I am an artist living in Northern Michigan. Mom to three crazy, creative kids, who homeschool, and wife to an amazing, supportive husband! You often can not find me without a cup of coffee in hand, zipping around the house, trying, to multi-task. 

I create digital art for teaching resources. I also have other works in progress, including a coloring journal series. The first, Gratitude, you can sample here. I also aspire to illustrate children's books. My daughter and I are currently working on one about our chickens. It is exciting, I will keep you all updated!


Hummingbird Graphic | PaezArtDesign

When working, I like to lose myself in the creative process, and let the art take over. It is my calm away from the storm. It renews and makes me whole.

I also love being out in nature. In the summers my family enjoys hiking and exploring. In the winters, (to avoid the dreaded Michigan winters) we migrate south, and spend time in Mexico with family, experiencing nature from a different perspective. I draw on all of my life experiences, all of the discoveries I find in nature, and all of the inspirations from people around me- to create my art.

My Media

I specialize in detail and anything nature related. A great deal of my nature images come from some of our adventures. I capture what I find with my camera, take it home, use ballpoint pen to freehand draw what was captured, and then digitize. Though I love drawing and digital art, I also love experimenting with all media types.


When I am not drawing, I enjoy learning...everything...from scratch! My family would say that I do things the difficult way. I just like to learn as many skills as I can! I dabble in music, sewing, yarn crafts, woodworking, coffee roasting (totally an art-form), gardening, canning/food preservation, primitive survival craft, archery, camping, fishing, and more! I value time with my family and friends the most. I like travelling, learning about different cultures, and trying new things.

My motto is to 'live life to the fullest, and as passionately as possible, because tomorrow is not guaranteed'!

Take a look at the world through my eyes!

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